Buyers of Standing Timber

Standing timber is an asset. At MBL we realize that this asset must be respected in price and for its full potential during and after the harvest. Our business is built on a foundation for correct and proper assessment for the land owner. With our extensive approach and years of experience, we will go above and beyond to meet the land owner in price and quality of service.

Hardwood Lumber Sales

  • 4/4 to 8/4 green hardwood lumber: Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Poplar, and Basswood.
  • Crossties
  • Pallet cants

Forest Products

  • Large Oak Quarter Logs
  • White Oak stave logs
  • Pulpwood
  • Peeler logs
  • Veneer logs
  • Paper chips
  • Biomass/Fuel Chips